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Employability skills - Why wait to be noticed. Being equipped with hard skills is just not sufficient to fetch you the right job. Soft skills improve the employability of a person. Equip to succeed!

Communication skills - Knowledge needs to be communicated else it will never be endorsed. Learn to communicate effectively to get through your ideas and knowledge right.

Personal effectiveness - Project the best side of you, convert every side of you into a presentable one. Improve your personality to embrace the win-win situation!

Our Training methodology

Sparquest believes that every program should have its REACH. Our programs are designed to satisfy the specific needs of individuals. Our unique and comprehensive training methodology is exclusively formulated to bring out the best from within every individual.

We offer time tested and proven methodologies in formulating our training programs

Tailor-made programs - Our programs are formulated to suit the purpose

Training methodology

Training process
The training process is psychology based along with a balanced blend of empirical learning and self-exploration.

Our success formula - 3P
Pragmatic learning + Proficiency + Perception

Sparquest | Soft Skills Trainer Chennai | Outbound Training | Consultancy
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